Tuesday, September 4, 2012


April 12, 2012

This is one of those movies that we know we have already seen in one way or the other before. Earth is attacked by aliens and the US military (however cocky and dysfunctional the leader) winds up saving the world. When I heard that this movie was based on a Hasbro board game, I did not really expect much anymore, except for a slam-bang action movie, and that is what I got. Director Peter Berg goes for the patriotic card as he imbues the film with various dramatic (and practically cheesy) scenes of heroism against all odds. "Independence Day" anyone?

In "Battleship", the dysfunctional leader facing aliens is played by rising star Taylor Kitsch, who just played another character like that in his last starrer "John Carter." He's certainly got that brash jock role down pat. He did look much shorter here surrounded by taller actors around him, particularly Alexander Skarsgard who played his big brother. Brooklyn Decker, the "actress" who played his girlfriend Samantha, has got to have some of the most wretched acting recorded on screen in a major film, and she was not as hot as Megan Fox was in "Transformers." Rihanna, while expectedly wooden too as a Navy soldier,does a little better. Liam Neeson plays the Admiral who just happened to be Samantha's dad. He wisely just played it for fun, not too seriously as he did as Zeus in "Clash of the Titans".

If you go watch this film with low expectations, you will have fun with this film with all its fiery action and explosions. There was even an unbelievable mano-a-mano fist fight with aliens here! Do not think too hard about the numerous unbelievable or illogical scenes. My only complaint about this was the running time of more than two hours. You will feel the clock ticking as you watch.

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