Friday, July 12, 2013

THE NUMBERS STATION: Do Not Let the Dull Title Deter You

July 12, 2013

This is another one of those quiet movies with an uninteresting title that wallow in obscurity, undeservedly. 

"The Numbers Station" refers to a remote un-mapped location where secret encoders broadcast missions in highly secret numeric ciphers. After a flubbed mission and a severe attack of conscience, hit man Emerson (John Cusack) gets reassigned to provide security to Katherine (Malin Akerman), one such code broadcaster. One day, their base gets compromised and Emerson and Katherine to promptly contain the problem before the false codes achieve their misguided missions.

John Cusack plays the cool-as-nails but conscience-stricken Emerson very well, both in the action scenes and the quiet scenes. His character is the heart of the film and he carried the role with dignity. Malin Ackerson did well as the traditional damsel in distress, but to her credit, her character did not just sit there waiting for things to happen. 

I liked the tight and exciting pace of the story unfolding within the limited confines of the isolated numbers station. The emotional upheaval within the heart of a supposedly jaded killer was also well-told. This suspenseful and thoughtful film is recommended for viewers who like a neat claustrophobic thriller. Do not let the dull title deter you.  7/10.

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