Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Reviews on and Social Media

May 1, 2014

When my review of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" (Full Review) was published on last April 27, that marked the 100th time a blog article of mine was picked up by the media giant in its online platform. is one of the biggest online local news websites, if not the biggest.  

I still remember when Mr. Vladimir Bunoan, Deputy Head for Lifestyle, Entertainment and Sports for ABS-CBN News Online, wrote me to ask if it was okay that they pick up my movie review articles to be posted on their website.  Of course, I said yes. Who wouldn't want that rare opportunity to have your writing be read by more people the world over? 

My very first review came out June 6, 2013, a largely negative assessment of the Will and Jaden Smith disaster called "After Earth" (Full Review).  I never dreamed that I could reach the 100-mark in less than a year's time.  

Most of my published reviews are for movies, including two review compilations (Best of 2013 and Oscar Best Picture nominees).  

There were also five concert reviews picked up: Pet Shop Boys (Full Review) , Tony Bennett (Full Review) , Rihanna (Full Review) , DYHTPS (Full Review)  and Lionel Richie (Full Review).

Unexpectedly, I also had two theater reviews chosen:  "Alice in Wonderland" (Full Review) and "Games People Play" (Full Review).  

I have no access to the statistics on actual page visits my reviews get on I only have the stats of social media shares such as Twitter and Facebook to gauge which are the most popular of the reviews that had my byline on them.  When I was compiling them, I was actually surprised at some of the titles that got shared most.

Here are my Top 10 most tweeted articles on TWITTER:

10.  Badil (Full Review)

9.  47 Ronin (Full Review)

8.  World War Z (Full Review)

7.  Hours (Full Review)

6.  That Awkward Moment (Full Review)

5.  Divergent (Full Review)

4.  Gravity (Full Review)

3.  10,000 Hours (Full Review)

2.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Full Review)



Here are my Top 10 most recommended articles on FACEBOOK:

10.  Lone Survivor (Full Review)

9.  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 

8.  Police Story 3 (Full Review)

7.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

6.  Homefront (Full Review)

5.  300: Rise of an Empire (Full Review)

4.  Heaven is for Real (Full Review)

3.  Non-Stop (Full Review)

2.  10,000 Hours

1.  SON OF GOD (Full Review)


I guess when it is a big blockbuster movie, people will want to read about it, as it was for "Hunger Games" and "Captain America".   The timing when the article comes out is also another key.  Proof of this is the popularity of "Son of God" and "Heaven is for Real" during the Lenten season.  "Hours" was released within the week that Paul Walker just passed away. The "10,000 Hours" review came out right on the day after it won Best Picture at the Metro Manila Filmfest. I also note that action movies are really audience favorites, not really Oscar films or local indie films.

Actually, as I am writing this summary article, my latest review for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" (Full Review) had already been posted on before lunchtime today.  In three hours, the number of tweets and FB recommends are already within striking distance of the above lists.  That is what happens when a review of a blockbuster film is published at just the right time (today is a holiday so more people can watch it).  If the link was posted on the ABS-CBNNews Facebook page at just the right time during the day, it is also a great help to boost readership of the article.


  1. Congratulations Fred! I love to read your blogs because I know I can get an unbiased review. Keep blogging. :)

  2. Congrats Fred on this publicity. You always attract my curiosity and ignite my appetite in watching full flicks again. I lost the link to your site, and now, going through your lists made me realize I'm not even halfway through 2013. Still need to catch up. But seriously, as a grown woman, Catching Fire was mediocre at best. LOL

  3. Wow! Your reviews are really good and they deserve to be published in a larger scale for more readers to appreciate. :D

  4. wow congratulations! that is what you call talent and a good eye on how to understand good or bad movies just by looking and watching it this big name ABS CBN wants you! congratS!

  5. I watched gravity and captain america 2 among them and I must say they are great movies.

  6. Congratulation Fred! I'm really proud of you. I read some of your reviews and I like them. And the proof that they are good is in your publishing reviwes by ABS-CBN. Keep going like this and you will be a big film critic ;)

  7. Congrats on your articles getting posted at It just means you really a master of your craft.

  8. Congrats on being published. I have a friend who is also interested in making movie reviews. I didn't know they had such high perception esp from a big network

  9. wow! it sure is quite a distinction to be chosen by a media giant + feature your post on their site. Movie reviews are really enjoyable to write, but the key is to watch it as soon as it opened so you'll beat the rest of the movie reviewers! kudos!