Monday, December 22, 2014

Review of WOLVES: Trifling Throwback

December 18, 2014

Cayden is a senior in high school and a star football player. He began developing very violent tendencies he cannot control, eventually turning to a wolfman. One night, his parents were mercilessly shredded to death in their house. Confused and guilty, Cayden takes off to escape persecution. 

In a random rough bar, he meets Wild Joe who knew his secret and directs him to a remote town of Lupine Range to know more about his lycan nature. There, Cayden meets his ideal match Angel, as he discovers his real nature and who his real parents were

The two young actors in the lead roles Lucas Till (as Cayden) and Merritt Patterson (as his Angel) were earnest and looked good, but they did not possess enough charismatic intensity to pull their jobs off. Their performances were merely adequate at best. 

Three more senior members of the cast had a lot more in terms of screen presence and acting chops. John Pyper-Ferguson was an over-the-top Wild Joe. Stephen McHattie played the kindly farmer John Tollerman, who takes Caiden in and stood by him during his time of self-discovery. Jason Momoa uses his muscle-bound heft and fierce looks to create the perfect Connor, the alpha wolfman of the town. There should have been more of his character.

This is yet another teenage werewolf movie. However, it does not really add anything new to this often-told horror subgenre. Instead of the CG giant wolves used in the "Twilight" series, the werewolves in this film used old-fashioned makeup to create the lycanthropic illusion. While the effort for detail was admirable, the "wolves" did not look too realistic nor scary for the big screen. 

The script though had surprises along the way. It did not really turn out as predictable as you may think. However, as a whole, this film had an odd throwback feel about it, like this should have been released a few decades ago. 3/5. 

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