Sunday, December 26, 2021

Vivamax: Review of EVA: Womanly Wants

December 26, 2021

Eva (Angeli Khang) worked as the housemaid of Victoria (Sab Aggabao). Eva was a pretty young girl forced to become a housemaid because of financial desperation, always fending off the unwanted advances of her male employers in the past. Victoria was a libidinous model, who frequently brought her sexy co-workers, both male and female, back to her home for nights of worldly pleasures. Eva was ripe for this novel sexual initiation. 

There was not really much plot or originality in this film directed by Jeffrey Hidalgo from a screenplay written by Dennis Marasigan. There was a only a simple basic story serving only to connect one sex scene after another, in various permutations. There were side characters of an ambulant vendor (Beverly Salviejo) who regarded her vegetables as phallic symbols, and of a maid Dinah (Veronica Reyes) having an affair with her master, both not really necessary. 

Angeli Khang, with her innocent face and delicate frame, radiated an air of helplessness and vulnerability as Eva.  She does better here than in her first starrer "Mahjong Nights" but she can be still be quite self-conscious. In her first lead role, Sab Aggabao, with her dusky exotic beauty and confident carriage, exuded power and control as Victoria. She stepped up from her debut in "Pornstar 2," not only on her capacity for baring, but also her screen presence.

Ivan Padilla played Andrew, a fellow model Victoria seduced from their photo shoot. He had a bored, disinterested look on his face the whole time, as if he did not want to be there. Marco Gomez played Lauro, the driver of Victoria's hot-headed neighbor. He seemed more eager and invested, but there was not much an actor could do with a stereotypical stud role like his. Angelica Cervantes and Quinn Carillo play other models who mess with Victoria.

This one will probably just go the way of all other Vivamax quicky erotica films this year. They may nab the #1 slot in terms of popularity on the app upon release, but eventually be forgettable and inconsequential in the long run. The way these sexy films are being churned out week after week, the fledgling nymphets have to constantly "out-bold" the degree of daring of previous ones. The situation is already getting to feel very exploitative, sad to say. 1/10.

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