Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crazy Stupid Love

August 17, 2011

There had been a lot of good words about this comedy called "Crazy Stupid Love" which opened today in local cinemas. Although I am not really a guy who would go and watch a romantic comedy, I watched this one for Steve Carrell, whom I believe is one of the funniest guys in Hollywood now. 

This movie starts with Emily (Julianne Moore) telling her husband of 25 years Cal (Steve Carrell) that she wants a divorce while they were dining in a restaurant. OK, so now I know that I have a black comedy ahead of me. The movie follows Cal who was "helped" by playboy Jacob (Ryan Gosling) to get him ready to meet other women. One of the women he hooks up with is Kate (the hilarious Marisa Tomei). Emily on the other hand, takes up with David (the ever smarmy Kevin Bacon). 

Side stories include Jacob hooking up with young lawyer Hannah (Emma Stone), who in turn was hoping her colleague (Josh Groban) would propose to her. Meanwhile, Cal and Emily's 13-year old son Robbie is sure that his 17-year old babysitter Jessica (America's Next Top Model finalist Analeigh Tipton) is his soul mate. But she is in love with a much older married man. Such is the complicated web that this movie weaves.

Steve Carrell again does very well with this sad-sack character that he seems to know so well. His deadpan delivery in some pretty funny situations that Cal gets himself into was spot on. The character of Ryan Gosling though, I find preposterous. I agree with Cal's belated realization that this guy is one big creep. The women basically play straight men to the male characters, with Marisa Tomei shining in the laughs department despite her short role.

While I liked the surprises in the climax and the touching scene at Robbie's graduation, the rest of the film did not really appeal to me too much. Yes, there were funny parts but a lot fall flat for me. I must say that for conservatives, there can be a lot of uncomfortable situations that may be hard to watch in this film. I know women may disagree with me about Ryan Gosling's part though.

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