Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

July 14, 2011

Despite being very disappointed about watching HP6 in 3D IMAX before, I still made it a point to experience this last Harry Potter movie, for all its sentimental value, in that expanded format. I must say that the 3D IMAX was worth every cent for this spectacular film! The big images and the extra dimension also added to our immense satisfaction about this film, additional expense notwithstanding.

The action here was relentless, as it goes from one highlight scene to another. From the exciting incursion of the trio into Gringott's Bank to get into the Lestrange Vault and their exhilarating escape, the unexpectedly (for non-readers) revelatory and emotional Pensieve memory of Prof. Snape, the very intense and destructive Battle at Hogwarts, the explosively watery destruction of the Hufflepuff's cup, the fiery aftermath of finding Ravenclaw's diadem, all the way up to the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort. These scenes were all very memorably shot, with incredible visual and sound effects. The way the ultimate destruction of the Dark Lord was rendered (of course, you knew that good will triumph over evil) is a 3D moment to remember!

This movie is, for all intents and purposes, a perfect film to end the franchise. It was indeed the grand finale, if you will. I'm not anymore going to go into how the children all grew up in front of our eyes. Having gone through eight films with these people, we also share in their despair and eventual triumph. We all probably had a teary smile during that charming little epilogue showing a scene at the train station 19 years later. Okay I am going to say it now: This is the best movie of the year for me. Congratulations to David Yates and the excellent cast for perfectly recreating J.K. Rowling's incredibly intricate final book (some small details changed notwithstanding). This fantastic finale film is indeed a bittersweet victory for the creators and for the fans alike.

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