Sunday, September 16, 2012

Magic Mike

July 12, 2012

OK, this is the movie that has got all the females excited because it is about male strippers. For me, just curious as to what else this film had going for it aside from that. This is, after all, a Steven Soderberg movie.

The movie is really about Mike (Channing Tatum) who works very hard in his various small businesses as well as his stripping in order to finance his ultimate dream of designing and manufacturing custom furniture. He helps out a down-and-out teenager named Adam (Alex Pettyfer) to earn his own money by stripping, with obvious dire consequences later on as the women and drugs go into his head. Wait, you might think, haven't I seen that movie before? Believe me, you have with just some different circumstances, but the same old story. The performances by both Channing and Alex were similarly paint-by-numbers, nothing spectacular. Channing's past career as a stripper though is very apparent with his dancing scenes.

Ever-annoying actor Matthew McConaughey once again comes up with yet another annoying performance as the owner of the Tampa strip club "Xquisite". His narcissistic, over-the-top acting was very BAD. Aside from Channing, Alex and Matthew, the rest of the guys on the poster namely TV stars Matt Bomer ("Glee") and Joe Manganiello ("True Blood") just dance without ANY significant lines. They could be any actor and it wouldn't have mattered. There was an old wrestler-looking guy there onstage with them called Tarzan (Kevin Nash) who looked awkward and out of place.

The few females in the story were hardly attractive. Cody Horn, who played Adam's stuck-up sister Brooke, was awkward all throughout. Even her scene in a bikini was not flattering. Olivia Munn played Joanna, a psychologist who researched about, then played around with Mike. Her reported breast exposure in the beginning was cut from local screenings. Ironically, the prolonged butt exposure of Channing Tatum before that scene was left fully intact. (So, why the double standard, local censors?) 

Ultimately, if you are not watching this for the stripping scenes, there really isn't much else to watch here.

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