Friday, February 8, 2013

Upside Down

February 7, 2013

"Upside Down" is a romantic story with an incredible science fiction setting. The unique scenario was that there is a parallel upside-down world that exists above our world, wherein the forces of gravity are reversed. The male, Adam (Jim Sturgess), comes from the destitute and chaotic lower world. The female, Eden (Kirsten Dunst), comes from the rich and progressive upper world. They meet and fall in love across the great divide, and herein lies our story of forbidden love.

The science fiction aspect is a little iffy since there are scientifically impossible problems with gravity situation as it is explained in this film. Anyway, we did not watch this movie because of its science, did we? Let us just accept this scenario as it is and enjoy it. The imaginative filmmakers took pains to make the computer- generated images depicting the dual worlds very aesthetically appealing and artistically stylized. Even a simple sad scene like a burning house in total darkness with a car driving away was done with so much beauty.

Jim Sturgess was very effective as the romantic male lead with his dorky charm as Adam. Kirsten Dunst however did not seem like the correct choice for Eden. For me, her Eden looked too mature for Jim's Adam. It was only the sweeping breathtaking cinematography around them that enhances their limited chemistry between each other. It was nice to finally see Timothy Spall out of his Pete Pettigrew make-up (in the Harry Potter films) in his featured role as Adam's friend Bob. 

I think this is simply a nice little romantic movie that was tried ts best to imagine and create an original setting. If we simply accept the situation, no matter how unscientific, we will be charmed by the whole story. While this is basically a "chick flick", men will enjoy the comedy and science fiction parts. Recommended for Valentine's Day.

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