Wednesday, December 3, 2014


December 3, 2014

In line with this year’s Annual Convention theme of ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES AFFECTING THE NOSE AND SINUSES, the Socials Committee (headed by Dr. Rebecca Feliciano) had come up with a video-making contest that will show how ENTs can be of help in conserving and preserving our environment.  The video may be in any format: documentary, music video, short film. It must be 4-7 minutes in duration including the post film credits.

Criteria for Judging included Adherence to the theme and relevance of concept: 40%; Creativity 25%; Technical merit 20%; Consultant Staff Participation 10% and FB Likes 5% for a total of 100%. 

The prestigious board of judges included Emmanuel Palo (a film and TV director from ABS-CBN), Susan V. Tagle (a producer from PTV-4) and Commissioner Naderev Sano (from the Philippine Commission in Climate Change).

The invitation and rules of this contest only came out in the first week of September 2014. But despite this short notice, there were still 13 groups who sent in their entries. The winners were announced last night during the Fellowship Night ceremonies at the Sofitel Ballroom.

Here are the winners (together with my commentary of each written before the awards were handed out, as requested by the Socials Committee):

1ST PLACE: TAMBUTSO (Southern Mindanao Chapter)

Also won: Best Acting (Dr. Romeo Raul Valles), Best Cinematography (Dr. Dap Embate) and Best Director (Dr. Joseph Cachuel)

My thoughts: This is a very well-crafted video with a distinct dramatic story line about a jeepney driver and his wife afflicted with nasopharyngeal CA. There was excellent acting from the doctor actors (especially Dr. Romeo Raul Valles who turned in an award-worthy performance) and above-average production values, like sound, editing and cinematography. Its emotional core elevates it above the other entries.



My thoughts: This very polished video is a documentary about viable options to reduce air pollution. The behind-the-scenes production crew seamlessly made a very professional-looking, with seamless editing, video effects and sound quality. The doctors with onscreen roles are very natural and not self-conscious when delivering their lines. This is worthy of mass-media promotion to further promote its important cause.

3RD PLACE: SINGHAP (Veterans Memorial Medical Center)

Also won: Best in Musical Score

My thoughts: This film had the most indie vibe among all the entries, with its grainy cinematography, atypical imagery and non-linear editing. The idea behind this video is actually quite interesting: a nightmare which inspired something positive. The musical soundtrack was haunting and the theme song is catchy and meaningful.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS and to the PSO-HNS for its worthy advocacy!

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