Wednesday, July 28, 2021

TBA: Review of SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT: Impetuous and Intimate

July 27, 2021

Marcello (Mattia Minasi) was a spoiled playboy attending meetings and doing errands for his dad, a famous soap opera actor in Italy, in Los Angeles. Half-Iranian, half-French Nassim (Neyssan Falahi) was a frustrated actor who gives martial arts training to get by. Christine (Cristina Rambaldi) was an installation artist working as a waitress in a cafe in Malibu. 

One day, the three of them met by random chance on the beach, and hit it off instantly. Thus began their beautiful friendship, which eventually evolved into a steamy menage a trois. Their unique relationship face challenges when other people get involved and each needed to face their own individual responsibilities in life.

"Show Me What You Got" is an elegant black-and-white art-house film by cinematographer and director Svetlana Cvetko. She followed these three attractive young people around, all of whom were at the crossroads of their lives, as they became close friends, then lovers. There was a female narrator who filled in the details and shared their thoughts to make things make more sense. The identity of this narrator was revealed at the very end, a very nice touch. 

The first half of this film was carefree and happy as the three lost souls immediately bonded with each other, opened up their feelings and became physically intimate. Everything seemed to come up roses at that time as they evaded real life commitments. As things get serious in the second half when tough important decisions needed to be made, the film strove to make everyone's story stick solidly and satisfactorily at the end. 

The main highlight of this film was really its gorgeous cinematography, with practically every scene looking like classy postcards in grey scale. The modern cityscape of Los Angeles, the beaches of Malibu, the desert at the Joshua Tree National Park and the quaint architecture of Marcello's hometown in Italy -- all served as picturesque backdrops. All three actors registered very well in black-and-white, especially the delicate beauty of Ms. Rambaldi.

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