Thursday, March 3, 2022

Netflix: Review of LOVE IS COLOR BLIND: Loyal in Love

March 3, 2022

Domino (or Ino) and Caramel (or Cara) had been best friends since high school. Ino had taken up being a painter, like his parents Fidel (Ariel Rivera) and Ella (Eula Valdez). Cara had gone to Hong Kong to hone her chosen career as a writer. When Cara was abroad, Ino was involved in a major car accident which changed his life for the worst. Concerned Cara came back home to get her friend back on his feet.

The brain trauma of a vehicular mishap had caused young Ino to develop total achromatopsia, leaving his world in shades of gray. The accident did not seem to leave him any other neurological deficit aside from this visual impediment, but being as a painter, this had a devastating effect on his career of choice. However, a much bigger tragedy happened that fateful day -- one which would burden Ino with paralyzing sense of guilt.

Cara was had harbored a crush on the popular Ino since their school days, but their relationship never went anywhere beyond best friends. She had always been a carefree sort of girl, always optimistic and happy. However, her powers of positive motivation do not seem to work anymore for her best friend Ino. Since Ino was not making any progress, it was up to Cara to assert herself in order to lift their relationship to the next level. 

This was the first movie I have seen Belle Mariano in and I must say she has a very refreshing screen presence. Her Cara is so cute and likable, so everyone wonders what was holding Ino back, even the people competing for attention -- Sky (Jeremiah Lisbo) and Iris (Angelina Cruz). Ino was depressed,even toxic, for most of the film, so Donny Pangilinan had limited room to move.  Both young stars did very well in their climactic tearful confrontation scene.

This film is by John Leo Garcia, the first venture in directing for this veteran line producer of some of Star Cinema biggest hit films. He followed the tried-and-true rom-com formula here. Best friends cannot confess their romantic feelings for each other. Each one gets involved with another attractive person, which kindled feelings of jealousy in the other. The ending is -- well, I know you know very well how this film will end. 6/10. 


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