Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Horrible Bosses

September 23, 2011

After "The Hangover" hit it big two years ago. There had been a lot of similar Rated-R, crude and naughty comedies that have ridden the same successful wave. This year alone, in particular, I feel there had actually been a glut. There was "Hangover 2", "Bridesmaids", "Bad Teacher", and as if a summer could need another one, here comes "Horrible Bosses."

The film tells the story of three miserable guys stuck with three "horrible" bosses. So one day, they decide to just go ahead and kill them. And from that premise, the black comedy arises. To cut the long story short, the three guys undergo several adventures and misadventures in order to exact their revenge on these bosses. The script is downright mean, nasty and raunchy.

I did not really know the three actors who played the down-and-out guys, except Jason Bateman (vaguely). But the bosses are all-star: a pompous Kevin Spacey, a balding mousy Colin Farrell and a very sexually aggressive Jennifer Aniston. The scenarios with Spacey and Farrell are sort of familiar already and not really too funny. The most hilarious parts for me however are those that involve the lady dentist Dr. Julia Harris (Aniston) and her sexually-harassed assistant Dale (Charlie Day). her performance here is so unlike anything I have seen Jennifer in and she nails this character cold.

So if you are not yet tired with this raunchy comedy trend, you can still try to catch "Horrible Bosses." For me though, I felt I am already a little bit too full for this type of movie in same season. Maybe next year again.

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