Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paranormal Activity 3

October 25, 2011

I was not really planning to watch "Paranormal Activity 3." I had seen the first two installments of this series, and well, I think I have already seen the best of it, and it is not really much. Before it opened though, critics were giving it an A rating. Then it actually opened to record October box office numbers. So I thought, maybe there is something in this movie after all, so hence I watched it.

The story brings us back to 1988 when Katie and Kristie (the sisters from the first two movies) were still little kids. Their dad Dennis decides to film their bedrooms and dining room 24/7 after hearing strange noises during the night. Those scenes where the ghost was terrorizing little Kristie in the kids' bedroom were quite a good scare. Their mom Julie is the skeptical one, until much later she too would be convinced via a grander show of the ghost's power in the kitchen. These "ghostly" scenes were variations of similar scare tactics we have seen before though. We also meet the girls' mother Lois as she gets into the action.

And as it was in the first two films, the suspense was suspended for almost an entire hour before anything remotely exciting even happens. I have to admit though there were some pretty unexpectedly spooky scenes in the last twenty minutes or so. While I found this installment definitely better than the Part 2, it is not exactly something I would rate an A. It is okay though, and good for a short squeamish time towards the homestretch. That is, if you can sit through the tedium of the first hour (much like what you sat through in the first two PA films).

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