Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Killer Elite

October 23, 2011

Now that I have seen more than one Jason Statham movie, I already know what to expect. A Jason Statham action movie is old-fashioned (no special effects), macho, slam-bang action where Mr. Statham kicks some serious ass in an almost superhuman way, and convinces all of us that he can really do these things. "Killer Elite" is no different.

In this action flick, the story revolves around Jason being pulled out of secret agent retirement because his mentor Robert de Niro got kidnapped by a Osama Bin Laden look-alike who wants to avenge the murder of his sons by some British guys. Clive Owen is also an agent from another organization who is checking out the actions and dealings of former agents like Statham was. Of course there would be some convoluted double-crossing in this battle of wits and brawn between secret agents.

Of course there is the typical explosive car chases and foot chases. Jason was awesome in that scene where he was tied down to a chair and he was able to fight his way out as only he can. To neutralize all the testosterone going on, there was the lovely Yvonne Strahovsky in yet another typical action flick cliché as the hero's girlfriend in peril. As the senior agent, De Niro's scenes are fewer than those of Statham or Owens. 

This is everything you would expect in a Jason Statham action movie, plus the star power of Clive Owen and Robert de Niro in there to boot. Not bad at all for its adrenaline rush. I do wonder how much of the "True Story" this was based on was actually in the film.

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