Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Hangover Part II

June 11, 2011

I really enjoyed the first Hangover when it brought some fresh and frank elements into movie comedies two years ago. I was really excited to see this Part 2 as well. Somehow though, there was something missing in this strangely lifeless sequel.

It is basically a remake of the first movie. This time it is Stu's wedding. Instead of Vegas, they are in Bangkok. But similarly, they get seriously drunk a couple of days before the wedding and wake up with unexplained consequences of what happened the night before. They have to figure out what happened to Teddy, Stu's prodigious teenage brother- in-law to be, before they can go back to the wedding. Can they find Teddy and make it back?

If you have seen the first Hangover, you would know the answer to that question. The story structure is EXACTLY the same. However, I did not find the story too funny this time. Even the wisecracks of Alan (Zach Galfianakis) which were hilarious in the first movie, felt forced and even annoying in this one. 

The repeated cursing and the graphic naked scenes did not really help breathe life to the struggling comedy. By the time an off-key surprise cameo appearance comes out at the end, you don't really care. I don't think there should be a third one anymore.

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