Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Johnny English Reborn

October 9, 2011

I was not able to watch the first Johnny English movie. Honestly I am watching this film just because my kids wanted to, and my inner X-Phile wanted to see Gillian Anderson again. 

"Johnny English Reborn" is predictably a James Bond spoof movie. What else could a Rowan Atkinson movie be? Basically it was Mr. Bean playing James Bond. In this story, we first see English re-training in an Oriental shaolin temple. After earning his new skills, he returned to England and was assigned to investigate an assassination plot on a Chinese official. And there his comic misadventures begin.

Of course, Rowan Atkinson is Rowan Atkinson. His flexible face alone could make even the lamest of situations funny. The gags were familiar and derivative from other spy spoofs, and even repetitive within the movie itself! There were some pretty neat action sequences though, particularly one involving a boat chase and another one involving a fight in a ski lift. Unfortunately, Gillian Anderson was not really given much to do, and THAT was even more disappointing for me.

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