Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sucker Punch

April 10, 2011

I am glad I did not simply fall for the bad reviews against this film "Sucker Punch." Actually there was unbelievable hype going for this Zach Snyder film building up to its theater debut. However, as the movie opened, bad reviews unexpectedly started to pour in about how bad it was! I almost was not able to watch at all in the movie house, until this week. And I am glad that I did catch it. This is a movie for the big screen!

While it may seem that the target may be the young male audiences because of its cool look, sexy girls, big weapons and violent scenes, the deeper message of the entire movie would seem to target the young females. The film exhorts young women to stand their ground and fight for their rights. However, it also sends the not-so-subtle message to these young ladies that this would not be an easy task in this world, as our heroines needed to escape into their dreams in order to escape their harsh realities in a world of bad men.

This type of movie has to be seen in the big screen to appreciate its full effect. The CGI is awesomely executed in that cool anime style to bring us to diverse locales, from drab asylum to classy brothel to Oriental temple to WWI trenches to futuristic battle zone. There is even a fire-breathing dragon in there somewhere. While the female leads are young, pretty and sexy, although acting may not really be their top suits. The plot is very intricate where there are multiple layers of reality and fantasy which involve many characters, so much so that the ending is very open for interpretation. I do not know exactly why people hated this film. I think it does its job very well. It is actually quite entertaining and delivered in a very artistic cinematic style.

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